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Best Party Clothes for Kids

Let little ones play dress-up this month with Charlene Stubbs’ round-up of the best party pieces.

Ahlam Promises to surprise her Fans in Arab Idol

Stylish UAE singer Ahlam, has conveyed her joy and honor at being one of the judges on the program Arab Idol. Ahlam revealed that she will be the Arab version of American judge on American Idol Simon Cowell, who is known to be very strict and firm with participants.

Ahlam said she will be the judge making the harsh critique on the performances of participants on the show that is scheduled to be aired on December 9.

Rabia Z Veiled 2011 Costumes Collection

Today we reveals the fine collection of costumes under the name Ruby 2011 from design famous fashion designer Rabia Z UAE Rabia Z. Lets check out the photos given below. (more…)


Here in this post we reveal the  famous Dubai-based designer who catwalk last season at the Middle East Fashion Days realised this wonderful Behind the scene video.

Wife Beating Reason for Most Divorces in Ras Al Khaimah

Beating up wives is the topmost reason behind divorces in Ras Al Khaimah, followed by men’s financial inability and them staying out late into the night.
According to a senior official at the RAK Courts, the splits in marriages are to be blamed on a number of reasons, from the use of abusive words, assault and physical violence.

“The Family Counselling Section (FCS) in the RAK Courts has investigated 130 family disputes, basically attributed to marital violence, particularly from the husbands,” said Jassim Al Makki, Head of the section.

Al Makki, who is also a Maazun or Marriage Officer, said his section handled 600 family litigations in the first ten months of the year as compared to 800 in the same period last year.
 “Official reports show that the husband’s financial inability and staying out late into the night still create family hassles.”

Domestic violence in Dubai

In Dubai, domestic violence among spouses was cited as the reason in 72 per cent of the marital disputes in Dubai this year, while child abuse was the reason in 19 per cent of the cases, and other reasons were cited in the remaining cases, according to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWC).

Of those brought to the shelter run by the DFWC, 31 per cent suffered domestic violence; 31 per cent were victims of human trafficking; 22 per cent suffered child abuse; and 16 per cent were victims of other factors. Compared to the 2010 figures, domestic violence has increased by two per cent.

According to the DFWC, 50 per cent of the husbands, who beat their wives, also abuse their children.

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